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This page is for Chrysocolla mineral specimens we have for sale. For most of these pieces, we charge one shipping cost for all that will safely fit in the box and will ship to the U.S. as well as Internationally. For International orders, and for very large pieces (when noted in the description), there may be an additional shipping cost. If your order requires additional shipping, we will either contact you before we ship, or you can email us for an invoice. Thanks!

Chrysocolla Nodule

Large Chrysocolla Malachite Specimen Nodule

Chrysocolla Nodule

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This is a sensational Chrysocolla mineral ... specimen(?) ... rough(?)!!! I considered it to be a fantastic specimen, but the buyer of this piece could choose to use it as rough (ah! - my heart!) instead. We recently acquired the collection of a gentleman that personally collected all kinds of rough specimens and rock all over California and Oregon between the 1950's and 1980's. Imagine our surprise when we came across this large, unassuming nodule, with a piece of plumber's tape wrapped around it (visible in the photo slide show). We carefully unwrapped it from the tape, separated the two sides to discover the gorgeous display inside. It looks to us to have mostly Chrysocolla, with some Malachite, and a little Cuprite (we think) in it as well. It appears that the nodule was separated along a fracture line, it has not been cut, and the inside is very rough and uneven with the crystals growing along the fracture. With both sides together, it is very roughly 7" x 5" x 6" and weighs 9 lbs (4 kg).

U.S. shipping cost: $5.00

Chrysocolla Nodule   Item# 494   Price: $old  

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