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Morocco Stalactite Geode

Morocco Amethyst Quartz Geode with Stalactites

Morocco Stalactite Geode

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This is a wonderful specimen, an Amethyst Geode from Morocco! It is filled with stalactite crystals. The coloring of the crystals has a reddish tint, we believe from Hematite, or 'Hematoid' - as we have seen it being marketed. It is a complete nodule, able to be fit together. However, please note that it is delicate and we would recommend against handling it much once received. From the photos you can tell that besides the line that separates the nodule halves, there is another fracture line. It is not loose at this time, and to our knowledge, or from what we can tell, it has not been glued. But it is none-the-less an absolutely stunning display! It measures roughly 4" x 3" x 3 3/4" and weighs 1 lb 6 ounces, or 620 grams. You will receive both sides of this exact unique piece.

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U.S. shipping cost: $6.80

Morocco Stalactite Geode   Item: 4282   Price: $287.50  

Obsidian Piece

Large Naturally-Shaped Piece of Polished Obsidian

Obsidian Piece

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This is a large piece of Obsidian that has been sliced flat on the bottom, and has a polished, curved surface along the top of it, that varies in thickness from a little less than 1" up to about 2 1/2". The edges have been left natural. It is roughly 10" x 8 1/2" at its wider points. It weighs 8 lbs, 3 ounces, or 3.72 kgs. Obsidian is volcanic glass, created by the flow of lava that cools quickly, and like glass, the edges are very sharp, so care must be taken with this piece in handling. For U.S. customers, the shipping cost in a larger box is added into the price, but for international shipping, please email for an invoice.

U.S. shipping cost: $5.50

Obsidian Piece   Item# 2880   Price: $old  

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